The 17 Best Aviation Podcasts

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With so many great aviation podcasts available, it is hard to find the time to listen to every Podcast and near-impossible to listen to every episode. Broken down by category, the list below will provide far more fun, educational, and inspiring listening hours than you have at your disposal. Queue a few new podcasts up for your next cross-country road trip, trek to the gym, or morning commute.

We've sorted this list of into three buckets - Educational, Career, and General. Although we can't attest to the quality of every episode of every podcast below, many of these are in our weekly rotation or have been recommended by pilots we trust.

Drop us a line if there are any aviation or pilot related podcasts you want to see on this list!

Educational Aviation Podcasts

As pilots, training and aeronautical decision making are critical skills requiring constant refinement. Continuous education is important, even if it's delivered through your car speakers during the morning commute. Student pilots and experienced aviators alike will benefit from downloading an episode or two from our curated list of educational aviation podcasts.

  • 1) The Finer Points

    Finer Points Aviation Podcast Logo

    With over 300 episodes, The Finer Points bills itself as "the original educational aviation podcast." Nearly every episode is centered around a topic that can enhance aviators' skill, safety, and aviation knowledge. We recommend this to any student, active, or rusty aviator.

    "Launched in 2005, TFP delivers expert CFI wisdom from award winning certified flight instructor, Jason Miller. Over the last 20 years Jason has been working to perfect the art of flight instruction. He was named FAA Wester Pacific CFI of the year in 2009 and 2016, works as an AOPA Air Safety Institute instructor, and writes monthly columns for FLYING magazine. Jason is passionate about conveying accurate, meaningful information to pilots."

  • 2) Plane Spoken

    Plane Spoken Aviation Podcast Logo

    This educational aviation podcast targets student and private pilots beginning their journey. As an added bonus, this series on has a handful of episodes in the archives. It shouldn't take you too long to get up to speed on this series. Check out Plane Spoken and download a few for your drive to the FBO!

    "Welcome to Plane Spoken, the podcast that takes you through everything you need to know about becoming a Private Pilot – starting from the very basics! Whether you’re interested in learning how to fly, or you are about to take your checkride, you’ve come to the right place!"

  • 3) Never Again (AOPA)

    Never Again Aviation Podcast Logo

    "Never Again" tells the tales of lessons learned from aviation mistakes. Supported by AOPA, the series aims to help pilots learn from the experiences of others. The podcast shares accounts of lessons to be learned from perfect VFR days, stressful checkrides, and everything in between. If there is one educational aviation podcast that is guarenteed to yield returns for students and general aviation enthusiasts alike, this is it.

  • 4) Stuck Mic Podcast

    Stuck-Mic Aviation Podcast Logo

    The Stuck Mic Podcast mixes educational information with "hanger talk" to provide an entertaining yet beneficial aviation podcast. With well over 200 hundred episodes in their archive, this series provides hours of content. One of the hosts, Carl Valeri, is the creator of the Aviation Careers podcast detailed below. So if you're a fan of this podcast, you may may want to give that one a try as well.

    "A mix of flight instruction discussion, flying techniques, aviation product reviews, virtual hangar flying, and more! Brought to you by Carl Valeri (airline pilot/flight instructor) with co-hosts Victoria Zajko (GA flying enthusiast/blogger), Rick Felty (GA flying enthusiast/in-flight video artist), and Sean Moody (GA flying enthusiast/aspiring CFI). Fly Smart."

  • 5) There I was... (AOPA)

    Stuck-Mic Podcast Logo

    Similar to "Never Again", There I Was... is an AOPA Air Safety Institute aviation podcast educating listeners through the sharing of emergency flying situations with other pilots. And, like "Never Again," it is sure to provide value for students, rusty, and proficient pilots alike.

    "There I was…", presented by the AOPA Air Safety Institute, invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. We fly with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and we learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them. This podcast honors the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience."

Career Aviation Podcasts

Whether you're a high school student weighing your career options or an established professional wondering if you can justify a career change into aviation, we have a couple of educational and inspirational career oriented aviation podcasts to fuel your passion.

  • 6) Aviation Careers

    Aviation Careers Podcast Logo

    If you're pondering whether or not you can pursue your aviation career dreams, Carl Valeri's Aviation Career Podcast will undoubtedly prove a useful aid. This podcast explores various aviation career fields and will help any pilot with lofty ambitions understand how to achieve a successful aviation career. Carl has over twenty years of flying experience. He takes great pride in helping pilots achieve their professional aviation ambitions.

    Each episode is broken down into core segments - aviation career advice, listener question & answer, interviews with aviation professionals, and aviation career production and services recommendations.

    Aviation Career Podcast is an incredible tool for anyone exploring his or her pilot potential. We have this podcast set to "automatic download" and suggest you do the same!

  • 7) Pilot to Pilot

    Pilot to Pilot Podcast Logo

    "Pilot to Pilot was created in 2017 by Justin Siems. Justin has over 4,000 flying hours and is an ATP rated pilot flying a Citation Latitude. To build his time, Justin flew aerial survey and was a freight dog flying the mighty Pilatus PC12. The podcast was started when Justin’s wife told him to find a way to give back to the aviation community. Since 2017 Pilot to Pilot has turned into one of the most popular and listened to aviation podcasts. The ultimate goal for the Pilot to Pilot podcast is to be a place for aviators to come for inspiration and encouragement. We aim to help all types of aviators to continue pursuing their aviation dreams, whether that be flying commercially or flying for fun. Join the thousands of other aviators by subscribing to the podcast today!"

  • 8) Ready For Takeoff

    Ready for Takeoff Podcast Logo

    Captain George Nolly does an exceptional job providing students and experienced aviators with the guidance necessary to transform passion into a successful aviation career. Combining instruction with inspiring interviews with experienced aviators, he aids listeners in filing a flight plan for their dream aviation career. Download a few episodes of the Ready for Takeoff podcast!

General Aviation Podcasts

Our General list of aviation podcasts spans a gamut of topics. While the content of these podcasts include beneficial educational and career information, it isn't their primary goal. The podcasts below are not provided in any particular order.

  • 9) Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

    Opposing Bases Podcast Logo

    Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk features pilots and air traffic controllers discussing along with aviation news and ATC stories - sharing tales and guidance based upon real interactions with the aviation community. Aside from a general entertainment value, "Opposing Bases" provides aviators with insight into how the daily work of air traffic controllers. So, while not strictly an educational aviation podcast, you'll still learn a thing or two.

  • 10) Pilot Protection Services Podcast (AOPA)

    AOPA Pilot Protection Services Podcast Podcast Logo

    Beneficial to aviators of all ages, this podcast is best left to its description -

    "Welcome to the Pilot Protection Services Podcast, where AOPA’s legal and medical certification staff and leading industry voices take on the challenges and developments that all pilots deal with, from staying out of trouble with the FAA, to becoming a better pilot, and staying healthy so you can stay in the left seat longer."

  • 11) Airplane Geeks

    Airplane Geeks Podcast Logo

    The Airplane Geeks Podcast aims "to educate and inform you, explore and develop your passion for aviation, and entertain you a little along the way."

  • 12) SimpleFlight Radio

    SimpleFlight Radio Podcast Logo

    Last but far from least, we present the SimpleFlight Radio Podcast. Billing themselves as a "one stop source for live aviation conversation," be sure to head over to SimpleFlight Radio's website to subscribe to an aviation podcast focused on the individual aviation lifestyle. They're chalk full of pilot tips and hacks. And, from time-to-time, they even share a few aviation secrets. Along with this mix of flying tips and tricks, they provide interviews with aviation guests while also providing aviation education, career, and private plane ownership information.

  • 13) Podcasting on a Plane

    Podcasting on a Plane Podcast Logo

    Brandon Gonzales' Podcasting on a Plane provides a unique view of aviation "from both sides of the mic." The host, Brandon Gonzales, is an Air Traffic Tower Controller at a busy General Aviation airport with a 25 year aviation background. Brandon has done it all - he has worked as a pilot, flight instructor, aircraft salesmen, ramp operator for major airlines, and FBO line serviceman. After surviving a plane crash, he adds "Aviation Podcaster" to the list of job titles. In his words,

    "My goal is to serve the aviation community at large, and to help you in your aviation endeavors, no matter what level you’re at. We discuss Aviation from as many angles as possible!"

  • 14) Uncontrolled Airspace

    Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast Logo

    The Uncontrolled Airspace gang gathers weekly to talk about all things GA. You can listen-in as some of General Aviation's most knowledgeable, opinionated, and plain-spoken characters do some online, hangar-flying.

  • 15) Aviation News Talk

    Aviation News Talk Podcast Logo

    The Aviation News Talk Podcast brings "General Aviation news, pilot tips for beginners & experts, interviews, listener questions answered, technical details on G1000 & Perspective glass cockpits & flying GPS approaches. 40 yrs experience flying general aviation aircraft. As an active flight instructor, I bring my daily experiences in the air to this show to help teach pilots and future pilots to fly safely. I'm a Platinum Cirrus CSIP instructor and work with people who are thinking about buying a new or used SR20 or SR22. Go to for my contact information, or to click on Listener Questions, which lets you speak into your phone to leave a question you’d like answered on the show."

  • 16)Airline Pilot Guy

    Airline Pilot Guy Podcast Logo

    Captain Jeff, of the Airline Pilot Guy Podcast, provides "the view from our side of the cockpit door." With nearly 400 episodes, you'll invest a considerable amount of time getting up to speed. From entertaining discussions to pertinent conversation of current aviation events, this successful podcast is enjoyed by aviators regardless of student, private, or professional certification.

  • 17) Flying and Life Podcast

    Flying and Life Podcast Logo

    Flying and Life, a long running aviation podcast discusses popular topics in the community and Dispatcher Mike's adventures with family. If you're a pilot looking for comradery, it is unlikely this podcast with disappoint.